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Power Frunk for Model 3

Getting Started

Pre-installation precautions:

The problems and losses caused by improper installation and improper use are not covered by our company’s

1. After the installation is completed,please do not close the front cover, you must do the following test step: Before closing the cover, please use a screwdriver to buckle the lock, and then press the front button to confirm whether the lock block can be unlocked. (The above step need to performed twice and confirmed clearly). If you can not unlock the lock block, please check the wire and the plug are connected and plugged in. Meanwhile, do not close the front cover until you pass the test step.

2. In unlock status, push the front cover to the highest position,click the frunk button, the front cover will be closed automatically,
and the front cover will be locked by the electric suction lock. (If the electric suction does not suck the lock well at this time,please push the front cover to make it closed by hand.)

3.After the front cover is closed, double-click the car key or press the central control screen frunk button, the front cover will be opened, afterthe frunk opened totally, push the front cover to your ideal position, long-press
the frunk button to set the frunk height 
,then click the button to close the front cover, and the electric suction lock will automatically lock the frunk, complete the frunk height set

1.Open the frunk cover

Remove trim as shown.

2.Remove trim

Firstly, remove the lock block trim and
front button, then remove the 7 screws
with the order as shown.

3.Change our new strut

Use a screwdriver lift the ball steel sheet on
the back of the strut end and remove the
original strut.Install our new strut.Do the
same step for both the left and right strut.
When installing the electric strut, check that the ball
head is fully engaged in the bracket or not, make sure
the ball head is totally installed in the bracket. check
if the ball head have a big resistance with the original
car bracket. If yes, loosen the two screws of the bracket,
adjust the position of the bracket, take right strut as an
example,move the upper end of the bracket outward
(to the right ), and move the lower end of the bracket to
the middle(to the left) as shown.

5. Install electric suction lock

Remove the original spring.

6. Install electric suction lock

Fixing the steel lock hook to the original car
lock block hole, our lock frame is installed
to the screw on the right side as shown.

7. Install electric suction lock

Hang the steel wire bracket’s rectangular
holeon the hook (The same position as
hanging spring).

8. Install electric suction lock

Hang our springs to the original
spring position

9. Install electric suction lock

Cut a portion of the foamed cotton that steel
wire needs to pass through.Make the steel wire
can pass through the foamed cotton smoothly.

10. Install electric suction

First test whether the electric suction lock can close the frunk cover or not.
If the lock hook can not hang the front door lock ring, the frunk cover latch
cannot be sucked down or the door latch is moving down but hit the lock
hook. That mean need to adjust the steel wire.At this point, adjust the two
nuts in as shown, adjust the hook to the position as shown, the hook is
about 5 mm ( 0.2inch) from the metal on the right side.

11. Install electric suction lock

The electric suction lock must be glued under the
original car lock block (Behind the front bumper)
to prevent water ingress, and fix it with our cable

12. Wiring diagram 01.

13. Wiring diagram 02.

14. Wiring diagram 03.

15. The motor lock emergency pull rope is taken out to the
emergency interface in the figure. Tied the rope with our cable
tie to keep the rope in a loose state

16. Wiring diagram 04.

Note: After all the plugs of the control box are plugged in,Put the control box and buzzer in our anti-static bag, tie all the harness with a tie, and tie the mouth of the anti-static bag. Place it next to the battery as shown in the illustration.

17. During the installation process, be sure to follow the instructions!!
Don’t just install one side strut to do the test.Do not press or pull
the side frunk cover, it is very lighter and thinner, the force may
not cause elastic deformation,which may cause the cover hits the
glass and causes the glass to rupture.

18. After connect debugging plug with the front emergency button and
finished the close speed and height set. please remove the plug and
put the plug here as shown. So that next time when you need to
adjust the close speed and height, you can easy to find the plug.

Electric tailgate strength adjustment method

Press and hold for 3 seconds, then press for
another second to increase thestrength of
the electric tailgatea total of 5 intensity
adjustment .

height adjustment

Adjust the tailgate to the appropriate height, press and hold the tailgate button for 5 seconds, and hear a long
beep that indicates the height setting is successful.

speed adjustment

The tailgate switch speed is divided into 5 gears, the default is 4 gears, the lowest 2 gears, and the highest 6 gears.
Press and hold the tailgate button. When the buzzer sounds 2 consecutive sounds, it means that the speed setting
2 is successful. When the buzzer is heard for 3 consecutive sounds, the speed setting 3 is successful, and so on.

After the installation is completed, the controller needs to be matched when the power is plugged in: the electric tailgate is adjusted to the highest
position, and the tail button is pressed for 5 seconds. After a long beep, the button is released, indicating that the matching operation is completed. (If
the power off requires a rematch operation).

Note: The installation instructions may differ slightly from the actual operation. If there are any differences, please follow the actual situation or contact us.

Tailgate strength adjustment:

Adjustment When the door cannot be opened or the door cannot be closed:Adjust position: The small black button of the control box (decoder).

Tuning method:

First, the door can not be opened (the door opening is not good ):

1. Press and hold the small black point switch on the control box to adjust the strength of the opening tailgate . Clicking the black dot 3
seconds, Then, Press and hold the switch, the buzzer will beep 1 to 5 times, 1 sound is the smallest strength, 5 sound is the strongest,
and the factory default is 1 sound;

Second, the door can not be closed (the door closing strength is not good):

1. First, use a screwdriver turn the tailgate lock to close status. (equivalent to closing the door, you must make the tailgate lock in lock
status when adjusting the closing force), and then press and hold the small black point switch on the control box to adjust the closing
strength. The strength, long press the switch buzzer will ring from 1 to 5 times, 1 sound is the smallest, 5 sound is the strongest, the
factory default 1 sound, generally adjusted to 3 sounds, test the closing strength, if still feel not good, try other strength;

Tailgate speed adjustment:

The speed is divided into 5 levels, and the default is 4 level. The lowest 2 level, the highest 6 level.Press and hold the tailgate button
over 5 seconds. When you hear 2 beeps, the speed of the 2nd level is set successfully.Press and hold the tailgate button. When you
hear 3 beeps, the speed of the 3rd level is set successfully. Press and hold the tailgate button. When you hear 4 beeps, the speed of
the 4th level is set successfully. And so on.

Wiring diagram


1. The electric suction lock can’t suck the cover.

When testing the electric suction close
function several times, the lock hook can
not suck the frunk cover lock ring,or it fails
to suck the cover down or hit the lock hook
when the door lock ring is closed.At this
point, you need to adjust the two nuts as
shown, and adjust the hook to the position
shown, about 5mm left to the middle.

2. The electric suction lock can’t suck the frunk door and it gets stuck.

Method 1:Use your phone focus to the
lock block, and take a video when the
frunk latch is moved down.Check whether
the door lock ring is stuck in the lock hook
when close the frunk. If yes, you need to
adjust the 2 screws of the lock block,
loose it and move the entire lock block
to the left as shown.

3. The electric suction lock can’t suck the frunk door and it gets stuck.

Method 2: Please mark the installation
position of the original car lock, and then
loosen the screws on the frunk lock ring
to move the entire lock ring to the left as
shown. The purpose is to make the lock
ring closer to the lock hook below when

4. The frunk door gap is large after closing the frunk.

Please loose the 2 lock block screw, adjust the entire lock block downward.

5. The left side of the frunk gap is large after closing the frunk.Please remove the original lock block and close the door, check the door is flush or not. If it is flush, adjust the original frunk left bracket(both up and down bracket)

1. Mark the position of the frunk cover
bracket, loosen the bracket screw, and
move the bracket a little up.
2. Mark the position of the car bod bracket,
loosen the bracket screw, and move the car
body bracket toward the rear of the vehicle.

6. After installing the plaque, the frunk door cannot be closed.

Please check if the seal on the frunk trim is
flat and if there is anything else stuck in the
door, result in the door is not tight. If it is not
the above problem, please try to adjust the
bracket according to the No.4 solution, or
adjust the speed of closing the door to make
it more powerful to overcome the resistance
of the sealing strip (perhaps the sealing strip
of the car is relatively hard).

7. When you walk close to the Model 3 frunk and frunk motor makes some noise.

The old version of the software will
occasionally have abnormal noise
Check control box software version:
as shown in the figure “560” is the
old version
If your software is version 560, please
email us, we will send you the new

8. Model 3 open the frunk itself

•Check whether the debugging plug is
pulled out or not;
•Pull out the plug after the installation
according to the instructions.

9. After close the frunk, 10 the screen button still show the frunk is open.

Check if the motor plug is plugged or
not.After plug in motor plug, use tape
fixing the plug.

10. After frunk cover is closed, frunk lock does not work.

Check if the motor plug is plugged or
not.After plug in motor plug, use tape
fixing the plug.


In order to facilitate debugging, find the proble

1.The installed wire must be carefully considered in the wiring to avoid squeezing or breaking the wire plug during the recovery process.

2, it is recommended to follow the car harness, or try to hide the wire inside the car.