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Interior Bundle Wrap for Model 3/Y

Please read this before you get started!


Before installing it’s important to know that installing indoors is highly recommended. This way you won’t get debris underneath the vinyl, and if it’s too hot or in direct sunlight, the wrap may stretch too much as you’re installing. 


The recommended install temperature is 65°F – 75°F. If it’s too cold, it may feel stiffer. If it’s too hot, it’ll stretch more.


If you haven’t worked with vinyl or need a brief reminder, we highly recommend watching the Vinyl 101 videos.

Do I have to disassemble parts of the car to apply the wrap?
No, not at all. The wrap kit allows you to apply a professionally looking wrap without disassembly.

I overstretched the vinyl. What can I do?
Unless you REALLY overstretched it, you can get it back to normal stretch. Vinyl is memory-based so if you just heat it, it will revert back to its original state. Use a heat gun or hairdryer and keep your heat moving in the area. You’ll see it shrink back. If you don’t see that it is shrinking back, you may have added too much heat and will have to use your extra piece. 

How do I use a heat gun when applying vinyl?
You can use a heat gun or a hairdryer but you want to use a heat gun whenever you need to stretch or conform around awkward areas. When using heat, don’t stay in one area. Keep your gun moving and roughly 6 inches away. 

Does it come with everything I need to install?
The kit comes with everything you need, except a heating source. We recommend using a heat gun or even a hairdryer if needed.

Do I need any experience?
Our DIY kits are designed with beginners in mind. You do not need prior knowledge to install these kits, however, we do recommend studying our videos and familiarizing yourself with vinyl to get the most out of your kit!